Jooray Adapfit crowdfunding campaign

- a project overview by Ivelin Aleksandrov

JOORAY ADAPFIT - the shoe that adapts to your foot

The client hired Prier Media to create all the visual content for their upcoming crowdfunding campaign of their new product.


The client has worked for the last 2 years to create a pair of shoes with an adjustable sole. It is called Jooray and the adjustable sole technology is trademarked under the name Adapknit. 

The sole is made out of three layers: the top layer that is the main cushioning made out of foam, the middle one that contains 5 adjustable cartridges and the bottom layer made out of ANTI-slip EVA foam.  

You can adjust the position of the cartridges by rotating the side bolts, which changes the height and feel of the sole. This is done with the uniquely designed “key” that comes with the shoes. 

The top of the shoe is their proprietary Adapknit upper, woven out of selected yarn to make sure that the foot can breathe.



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The process started with getting all the information about the product, target group and goals of the project to establish the needs of the campaign.​

Because it was very important to understand the product and all of its components very well we asked the client to give us as much documentation as possible. For example, the pdf containing all the details of the invention along with any new patents and existing ones implemented. We also received the document about the health problems that the shoes can prevent or help treat and parts of the research done. 

This information was used to understand what ideas can work for this campaign and how to focus them into one clear message.

Once we had all of the details in check, we started with the production phase. 

There was a lot of work put into the visuals that we made. It was very important to make sure that we can constantly integrate the feedback of the client and the crowdfund marketing agency because they were able to measure if the visuals reach their target group and engage them. This is done with a pre-launch page that they were measuring and updating as we were giving them materials.


During the course of the project, I was communicating everything between the client, marketing agency, Prier media. Furthermore, as a creative producer, I was responsible for finding and arranging all the actors, models, voice-over talents. I was also responsible for shooting permissions, props and location scouting.

For the studio photoshoot, I was working with my colleague Alida Muresan. I was responsible for choosing what lights to use with what modifiers and filters. Moreover, I was responsible for the feel and composition of the shots. All ideas on the site of Prier Media are original and one of a kind. This was done through countless hours of research on the web.

I have arranged in terms of photography proper gear for my colleagues and make – up artists who can help.
I was also the main photographer for 2 more photoshoots for this project in Amsterdam and in Delft.

Because of this now Prier Media is having additional e-mail and catalog of freelance models and talents which are on-demand and already have agreed to work with the studio in the future.

The editing for photography was divided by me and Alida Muresan. Alida was working in a bulk in Lightroom and I was handling more technical details in Photoshop and demanding retouching needs because of previous experience in this. This was necessary because the shoes are prototypes and the materials were not very even in color and texture and had production defects.

As far as the video comes to this project, I am the main camera operator. This includes choosing the right equipment for the shooting days, picking up and returning the rented gear after inventory. I prepared the script for the shooting day with a description of the shots. I also chose the locations with the help of the movie commissioner in Rotterdam and arranged logistics. I

I was in charge of the editing the footage for the sneak peek video used in the pre – launch page:

I have contributed to the writing of the voice-over script and I was in charge of finding the voice over talent. After this, I had to look for music and I am currently in negotiation with 2 bands and their management team to allow us to use their songs. In case this takes too long I am in charge of finding alternative music for the main video.

The main video piece for Jooray is 3 minutes and a half. It still a work in progress and for this I am in charge of Color Grading Audio and I will participate actively in the base montage. Animation, transitions and final editing is done by Alida Muresan. 


Below you can see what was created for the campaign until now, in chronological order.

Photoshoot 1: Studio

We started with studio photography because it was necessary for the pre-launch website. I chose the light setup and took the pictures. Layout and product arrangement was done by me together with a colleague who assisted on the set. The editing and post-production were divided between me and another colleague.

Photoshoot 2: Rotterdam

These pictures were taken during the video shoot in Rotterdam. The purpose was to show the shoes in different urban environments.

Video-shoot 1: Rotterdam

The main shots for the campaign video were taken in Rotterdam. It took a full day and we had a script and shot locations prepared. I used a few scenes to create the sneak peek video for the pre-launch page.

Additional graphics

The client requested poster type images because the visuals released so far did not engage a part of the target group, specifically aged between 18-25. The client liked this design and wanted different colors for the background.

In addition, a set of sketches based on the shoes was made for potential use on the campaign page.

3D exploded view GIF

Since the product is a shoe with a very unique feature, one key selling point was that Prier Media can do an exploded view of the shoe and implement it in the video with high quality. In this example, this is done over one of the photographs taken before in the studio. In the video, it should overlap with a freeze-frame.

Photoshoot 3: Amsterdam

Amsterdam was not planned at first but the client and the marketing agency asked to have it in the background paired with blond caucasian models and to combine the shoes with a more formal outfit. Because of the weather I had to be extra creative on location with how to shoot. The umbrella was incorporated as improvisation and response to the Dutch weather. 

Photoshoot 4: Sport

The last photoshoot in Delft is based on sports persona. To create an image for the persona, I had to find sport equipment which can be paired well with the shoes. After many hours of contacting shops around the city, I have managed to get props for the shoot from which hopefully will become partners of Prier. With their help, we managed to capture a very unique perspective through the use of light and color.

In addition, we were asked to also take top-down photos of the shoes in different compositions. Without the props from, this would have proven extremely difficult.

Voice over script

The script was mainly written by my colleague with me filling in missing information and some paragraphs. 
I gathered feedback from the client, the crowdfunding marketing agency and their contacts who specialize in commercial writing: a copywriter from UK and an advertising scriptwriter from USA. The script went through 4 iterations before the final version was ready.

Click on the toggle below to read the voice over script.

Have you ever thought about how your shoes shape you?

Your posture? The way you walk, run and jump?

Well, we have…

And we believe that you should be able to shape your shoes … and not the other way around.

That’s why we’ve started a new revolution in footwear technology with Jooray Adapfit …

The world’s first adjustable shoes!

Because you deserve to move freely, … look awesome and feel great doing it!

Did you know that in a lifetime the average active person takes over 200 million steps?

That’s  5 times around the Earth’s equator!

With each step, the energy of the impact travels through the feet … to the knee, hips, and back. 

The impact force is spread more or less evenly by your muscles and joints …

But there’s not much your body can do about the peak forces on the bottom of your foot.

These pressures are called peak plantar pressures. And when your feet are strained, those points hurt the most.

Shoes, respectively the soles, are supposed to help. But often… they miss the mark.

Jooray Adapfit shoes use innovative, game-changing technology to ease the impact of these peak pressure points.

The secret is in the sole. 

We made it from 3 different layers. 

  • The top layer – a soft and springy foam which is the main cushion of the shoe. 
  • The middle layer – that has 5 compartments where the innovative adjustable cartridges are located. 
  • The bottom layer – made of ANTI-slip EVA foam for extra support and stability. 

You can adjust the position of the cartridges by rotating the side bolts, … which changes the height and feel of the sole. 

This is done with the uniquely designed “key” that comes with the shoes. 

While resting on the 3 layer sole, …  your foot is wrapped in our soft, flexible and resilient Adapknit woven upper, made from selected yarn to ensure that your foot can breathe.

The result is a comfortable pair of shoes that protect your feet … and the rest of your body. 

Adaptfit is a great choice for people who need to be on their feet for hours at a time for work. 

As your feet grow tired, you simply make small adjustments to help your feet sit in a different position.

This relieves pressure and helps relax the foot.

This adjustability can come in handy during long walks or hikes.

And they’re perfect for activities like paddling, skateboarding, running or BMX. Any activity where you need to achieve precise balance and comfort. 

With our stylish designs … you will feel great without compromising on looks. 

The Jooray Adapfit shoes are available in multiple color combinations that can match any kind of outfit.

So, help us help your feet, your body and your freedom of motion … by bringing Jooray Adapfit to you.

Jooray Adapfit evolution by design.

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